About this section

This section outlines potential projects, based on our experience, would help improve our local broadband situation.

Here's how we laid the projects out

General Overview

  • Brief description of problem to be solved and proposed solution

  • Initial neighborhoods for the solution

Project Outline

  • Brief description of the project

  • Locations it would be deployed

  • Cost of the project

    • Both upfront and recurring

  • How long it will take to finish the project

  • Expected impact of the project

Overview of Proposed Projects


Upfront Cost

Recurring Cost

Time to Deploy (mo)

Community Connection Fund




Public WiFi in Parks

$800,000 (build) + operating



FTTH in West Louisville

$8,600,000 (build) + operating



Fixed Wireless in SE Louisville

$3,500,000 (build) + operating







Note about required engineering before starting these projects

Each of these project will require engineering plans before they will be "shovel-ready". These plans will take both time and money. Right now, the estimates we've provided may not be the actual final costs; they represent our best estimates based on previous costs and initial estimates.